RADIO&N: a threefold new years celebration

Three nights from dusk till dawn to celebrate another year around the sun. Our new years programme is now live. 

We're starting of this weekend with a solid techno assembly. Anetha knows the concrete walls of the room she'll be playing on the second-last day of this year. For Lucy and Vatican Shadow it's a first. The notorious Paranoid London will take over the Bovenkamer. 

30.12 RADIO&N

We teamed up with our friends from Our Society for a legit ending of 2016. Space Dimension Controller guides us through the turn of the year with funky drum kicks and retro synth jams. Intergalactic Gary will follow up on this with more interplanetary dance beats. Dollkraut and RADION resident Niels Klein complement the night. On their turn, Our Society invited Andrew Ashong and Antal, amongst other house-heroes. 

31.12 RADIO&N

On January first RADION sees Timothy J Fairplay accompanied by his slightly obscure, vintage Chicago records, Clone records commander-in-chief Serge and Amsterdam's coolest kids on the block Beesmunt Soundsystem amongst others. The Bovenkamer gets an all-in treatment from the infamous Dekmantel Soundsystem. 

01.01 RADIO&N

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